Watch: New Kick-ass ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson' Trailer Strikes a Balance Between Modern and Throwback Action Flicks

Don’t look now, but JCVD is bringing back the over-the-top action for which he became famous.

Watch: New Kick-Ass ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson' Trailer Strikes a Balance Between ‘F&F’ and 80’s Action Flick
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Jean-Claude Van Damme, undoubtedly one of the greatest action stars of all time, just did it again. He has countless classics under his belt, and currently has both Black Water and, hopefully, Expendables 4 on the way.

This time the workout warrior is back as a secret agent version of himself, a concept only he could pull off. The Amazon series Jean-Claude Van Johnson appears to chronicle his journey from getting back in shape to becoming an ass-kicking hero again—one who will “confront the greatest enemy he’s ever faced,” according to the video description.

The cast will be filled out by the likes of Kat Foster, Phylicia Rashad, and Ridley Scott. The series was written and created by Dave Callaham, and will be directed by Peter Atencio.

Outside of the big screen, the Belgium native has a set of kick-ass emojis available that capture the essence of JCVD.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson will officially premiere December 15 on Amazon Prime Video.