Back in the day, Hollywood stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mickey Rourke sported some of the best physiqes in show biz with plenty of muscle to make quick work of the bad guys.

From the looks of these recent photos taken outside Gold’s Gym at Venice Beach, there’s no doubt that Rourke, 64, and Van Damme have no intention of slowing down when it comes to maintaining their strong, fit, and muscular physques

It was Rourke’s dramatically bulked-up body in the award-winning film The Wrestler that really made a splash back in 2008. The highly acclaimed movie about a down and out wrestler showed just how hard Rourke worked to pack on the muscle needed for the role. And he’s still at it.

Just this past weekend, Rourke was seen chattting with none other than 2016 Classic Physique Olympia champ Danny Hester, who, according to the Daily Mail, is Rourke’s personal trainer. 

Mickey Rourke and Jean Claude Van Damme Get in a Workout at Gold's Gym in Venice Beach
SPOT / Backgrid

Photo courtesy of SPOT / Backgrid

As for JCVD, he too is still going strong. And while his Hollywood career reached its pinnacle in the ’90s with an array of ass-kicking flicks such as Double Impact, Universal Soldier, and Hard Target, the fit-minded action hero continues to work hard on his craft and physique today.

In this pic below, we catch the martial arts marvel leaving Gold’s after a session with the iron.

Jean Claude Van Damme
SPOT / Backgrid

Photo courtesy of SPOT / Backgrid

Need more proof the 56-year-old action hero is in stellar shape? Below is the Bloodsport star taking off his shirt after his Gold’s Gym workout. We should all look so good halfway through our fifth decade.

And in case you need a reminder of JCVD’s ability to pull off his signature split, check out Van Damme’s entertaining ad from just a few years back.  

Jean Claude Van Damme Shirtless Outside Gold's Gym
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Photo courtesy of SPOT / Backgrid