Picture this: You’re in the middle of a lift, let’s say the clean and jerk, and you realize that you’ve either put on too much weight or that your form is a little off. What would you do?

Most people would probably just drop the barbell and start over. But if you’re Russian powerlifter Chingiz Mogushkov, you work to save the lift no matter what.

Take a look at Mogushkov completing—well, sort of completing—a 230kg (507-pound) clean and jerk in this video:

Right away, you can tell something’s off. As the lifter begins the clean, the barbell starts to wobble. It looks like he may have tried to change his form at the beginning of the clean, or perhaps his footing wasn’t right. As Mogushkov stands up, it looks like he’s about to drop the weight to one side but miraculously he shifts his body to even it out before lifting the barbell over his head.

The Russian receives a rousing round of applause for his effort, and rightfully so. Of course, the guy didn’t notice that as he dropped the weight it came within inches of taking off a couple of toes.

We don’t think this has to be said, but please do not try this at home. Mogushkov, 33, is an Olympic professional with years of experience and national records to his name. If you’re ever in this situation, just drop the weights as carefully as possible (watch the feet!). Trying to shift your body or readjust your grip mid-lift could result in some serious injuries.

There’s no shame in admitting you’ve messed up, and errors only serve to teach us how to be better. The accolades from your gym bros or Instagram followers isn’t worth the risk.

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