What does the World’s Strongest Man do when he’s not defending his title? He breaks his own ridiculously lofty strength records, of course. At this past weekend’s Scottish Highland Gathering & Games in Pleasanton, California, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson threw a 56-pound weight over a 20’1″ bar with ease, besting his previous world record height of 20’.

Take a look for yourself (and be sure to turn your volume down a bit—the big guy gets a little excited):

This is the fourth time Björnsson has beaten his own record in recent years, according to barbend.com. And it’s not even the only world record Björnsson’s topped this year—the Game of Thrones star also set the highest mark for an elephant bar deadlift back in March at 1,041 pounds:

This latest accomplishment comes just days after he posted an Instagram video of himself pressing 440 pounds over his head and deadlifting 800 pounds for two reps. There are plenty of feats to witness on his page—and at the rate he’s going, you might want to check back once a week to see if any new world records have fallen.