There are a few things we can definitely expect from Baywatch: beautiful, bikini-clad women running in slow-mo along the beach, a boatload of action, hilarious R-rated jokes, and, of course, a ridiculously jacked Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson. 

We already know exactly how Efron got into Olympic-level shape in order to film what’s set to be one of this summer’s hottest movies, but one thing we haven’t heard much about is how he kept his muscles camera-ready while actually shooting.

Thanks to a Monday morning appearance on the Today show, we now know that Efron took a cue from bodybuilding legend (and bonafide movie star in his own right) Arnold Schwarzenegger to look as shredded as possible just before filming (one of many) shirtless scenes.

In the interview, Efron revealed that he would do “the classic Arnold pump-up on the beach” and also drink a bunch of “funky stuff” (we have a feeling a lot of eggs were involved) to maintain peak rippedness throughout production. 

Check out the full clip from Efron’s appearance on the Today show, and find out his thoughts on working out next to “The Rock,” in the video below: 

Baywatch, directed by Seth Gordon and starring Efron, Johnson, Priyanka Chopra, Alexandra Daddario, and Kelly Rohrbach, hits theaters on May 25.