We’ve been smelling (and breaking down) what the Rock’s been cooking for years. Now, our media friends have taken it a step further.

FiveThirtyEight broke down the Rock’s impressive diet earlier this week, calculating that he scarfs down 800 pounds of fish every year. It referenced our own story on The Rock’s bodybuilding diet, racking up the numbers and going viral. Outlets like Business Inside and USA Today ran with it. Fellow M&F featuree Steve Weatherford even commented on the dinosaur-esque diet, telling USA Today, “Anytime anyone eats 800 pounds of anything in a year, lends itself to being a little insane. However, there is a method to the Rock’s madness … While I don’t know if it is possible to keep up with the Rock’s pace, cod offers so many different health benefits and I recommend eating as much as possible.”

No need to tell us twice.

We know full well just how monstrous the WWE star’s appetite is. He blew our minds with his epic breakfast he labled the “breakfast of G’s.” We aren’t sure how many buffalo he goes through in a year but we’re sure it’s terrifying.

He also showed us how he got into Herculean (pun intended) shape for the titular role back in 2014. As you would imagine, demi gods do a lot of meal prep.

Well, there you have it, but gorgers beware! If you’re going to eat like the Rock, you need to train like him too — otherwise you’ll start adding on the wrong kind of pounds.