Arnold Schwarzenegger is an icon in plenty of fields—bodybuilding, acting, politics. But how would he have fared as a superhero? Back in 2011, we almost got that answer.

Schwarzenegger, in collaboration with comics legend Stan Lee, who passed away this week at the age of 95, was slated to star in the children’s superhero TV show The Governator. The plan was for the character to appear in both an animated series and a comic book, and it would have followed Arnold’s (quasi-fictional) life as he stepped down from politics to focus on fighting crime.

As wild as it sounds now, the series got very far along in production. You can check out some concept art online and watch the trailer here:

Unfortunately, personal drama surrounding Schwarzenegger‘s infidelity halted production on the series indefinitely, but it’s fun to see what the show could’ve been like. 

Highlights of this show would’ve included:

  • A secret “Arnold Cave” under his Brentwood house filled with super suits enabling him to fly and perform outrageous stunts (Batman, who? Tony Stark? Irrelevant.)
  • Larry King in a reoccurring role as an investigative journalist
  • Arnold’s teen tech-whiz sidekick “Zeke Muckerberg” (gee I wonder who he’s based off of?)
  • The super villain organization GIRLIE Men a.k.a. Gangsters Imposters Racketeers Liars & Irredeemable Ex-cons (an implication that definitely shouldn’t be in our children’s programming today)
Arnold Schwarzenegger

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