The rivalry between Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley reached a breaking point this week on Raw, and it’s been a long time coming.

Over the past two weeks, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle put Lashley and Reigns together in tag-team matches to disastrous results. The two fearsome superstars refused to put aside their egos, and they failed to defeat “The Revival” two weeks in a row because of it. Last week, Reigns refused to tag in Lashley during the match, leading to Lashley abandoning Reigns when he got ganged up on by “The Revival.”


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This week, Reigns started the show off by calling out Lashley to settle the score. Kurt Angle quickly came to the ring to tell the superstars to save their grudge for Extreme Rules this Sunday, but the pair refused to listen and started to exchange blows.

It was clear the chaos couldn’t be contained, so a number of superstars from the WWE locker room came out to restrain Lashley and Reigns. But despite their best efforts, they couldn’t stop Lashley and Reigns from unleashing their fury. At one point, Reigns jumped from the ring onto the crowd of over a dozen superstars.

The violence eventually ceased without a clear winner, but this feud seemingly won’t stop until either Lashley or Reigns have proved they’re the best.

Extreme Rules airs live from Pittsburgh on Sunday, July 15, on the WWE Network.

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