If you’ve been watching Smackdown lately, one thing is crystal clear: The Miz and Daniel Bryan don’t like each other very much.

After Bryan and Kane lost their match at Extreme Rules, Miz took advantage of the opportunity to gloat over his long-time rival. Last week, Bryan confronted Miz, but Miz refused to come to the ring, instead responding remotely while filming his new reality show, Miz and Mrs.

On Tuesday’s episode of Smackdown, commentator Byron Saxton came into the ring to discover that, once again, Miz was nowhere near the venue.

When Saxton implied that Miz may be avoiding Bryan due to cowardice, Miz responded with a vicious tirade, declaring, “At Summerslam, I will expose Bryan for what he is and always will be, and that is beneath me!”

As his rant continued, Miz was shockingly interrupted by none other than Daniel Bryan himself, who ran onto the set of Miz and Mrs. to deliver a devastating attack to Miz.

Eventually, Miz was able to incapacitate Bryan by attacking him with a vase, giving him the opportunity to escape. Bryan eventually recovered, but he clearly wasn’t pleased.

So far, Miz hasn’t exactly disproven the theory that he’s intentionally avoiding Bryan, but time will tell if he’s willing to face Bryan head-on as promised at Summerslam.

Summerslam will air live from the Barclays Center in Broolyn on August 18, exclusively on the WWE Network.