Daniel Bryan had a score to settle on Tuesday’s Smackdown.

Last week, the Bludgeon Brothers (Harper and Rowan) attacked Bryan during the Gauntlet Match for a chance at the WWE Championship belt, costing him the match. But when the Brothers, who have made quick work of the tag team division during their relatively short tenure on “The Blue Brand,” appeared on The Miz’s interview segment, “Miz TV,” this week, they refused give a reason for their attack on Bryan.

Bryan showed up during Miz’s questioning to both shut him up and to tell the Bludgeon Brothers that he hadn’t forgotten what they did to him last week. “I’m not asking here asking you if you’ll fight me, I’m out here asking which one of you is going to fight me first,” Bryan asserted. Harper answered Bryan’s call, leading into Tuesday’s main event.

While Bryan has proved time and time again that he has arguably the best endurance of any WWE superstar right now, taking on a behemoth like Harper clearly pushed him to his limits. The two traded blows, and while Bryan briefly had the advantage, Rowan came into the ring to pummel him with blows alongside Harper, leading to a disqualification.

But a surprise guest showed up to save Bryan: The monster known as Kane.

Kane managed to dispose of Harper and Rowan, allowing Bryan to recover. Afterward, Kane slowly approached Bryan and held out his arms for…a hug?

Years ago, Bryan and Kane were tag team champions as “Team Hell No.” Despite the massive difference in size and personality, the two had good chemistry together, and quickly became a fan-favorite duo. But is Bryan ready to join his old partner?

After some hesitation, Bryan eventually gave in and returned Kane’s hug. “Team Hell No” is back, and Smackdown General Manager Paige announced they’ll be taking on The Bludgeon Brothers for the tag team belt at Extreme Rules.

Hey, sometimes opposites do attract.

Catch the annual Extreme Rules event on Sunday, July 15 on the WWE Network.

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