Kenny Johnson, star of CBS’ show S.W.A.T., isn’t just a tough guy on-screen; he’s also a former world-champion arm wrestler. According to Johnson, in order to be the best arm wrestler, all you have to do is follow a couple simple rules. Put his tips to the test at your next tournament and see if you’ve got what it takes. 

Tip #1: Do Pullups

“You need strong arms and hands and a strong back,” Johnson says. “For me, pullups do this.”

Tip #2: Act Fast

“A good jump off the start is necessary,” says Johnson. “As soon as I hear, ‘Go,’ I’ll have him an inch from being pinned before he starts.”

Tip #3: Train Often

“Practice with other arm wrestlers,” Johnson says. “If you practice countertechnique against things you suck at, you’ll get better.”