Just about everyone wanted to be a superhero when they grew up. Hell, many of us still dress up like one from time to time (click here to see our Chief Content Officer Zack Zeigler give his best Clark Kent impression).

And while we can’t teach you how to fly like Superman or stick to walls like Spider-Man, we can help you look like you have superhuman strength.

How? The guy who trains superheroes – such as Deadpool, aka Ryan Reynolds, and Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes, aka Sebastian Stan – has been showing off his workouts for free on Instagram, and his name is Don Saladino (unless that’s just a secret identity he uses).

Saladino also plays Zeigler’s sidekick on the M&F podcast Reps, and every Wednesday does a live workout on M&F’s Instagram page, @muscleandfitness.

Below, we run through Saladino’s advanced abdominal routine that, paired with a clean eating regimen, will have you looking like an Avenger in no time.

Be forewarned, this isn’t your average at-home ab workout and you might feel like you were exposed to kryptonite by the end of it.

Don’s advice: “On the windshield wipers, don’t start throwing your legs from side-to-side. I want you to keep your lower-back stable. Feel like a lot of the rotation’s coming from the mid-back. Each side counts as one rep.”

How to do it: Do 10 reps of each move, and immediately go to the next one with no rest. That’s one round. Try to do four rounds, with minimal rest in between each one.

Scroll down to see a description of each move, as demonstrated by Saladino in the video here: