Glen Allen, Virginia:

Lauren Kornacki is being called a hero after news broke that she reportedly lifted a car off her dad to save his life.

When the jack holding up Alec Kornacki’s BMW 525i slipped he immediately became pinned beneath the automobile. Fortunately for Alec, his daughter Lauren was nearby and able to get to the scene in a mater of seconds. Finding her father unresponsive and trapped beneath almost two tons of steel, Lauren was somehow able to muster up the strength to lift the car off her dad. ‘It flashed like, ‘I’m going to lose my dad,” she told a local affiliate.” His eyes were open; he wasn’t responding to me. I knew I had to get his heart beating again, and I had to get him breathing.” Fortunately, Lauren does not only possess superhuman strength, she’s also trained in CPR and was able to use it to resuscitate her father.

According to one of his other daughters, Alec is being treated at the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, and although he is still in the ICU with several broken ribs, some numbness and other fractures, he is healing well and in good spirits.