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Phil Gephart

Phil Gephart, MS, CSCS, is a certified personal trainer and owner of Newport Fit4Life in Newport Beach, Calif. A former professional basketball player, his CHEK & PICP certifications are recognized as the top in the world in the holistic, corrective exercise approach as well as preparing athletes for competition. Phil earned his Master's Degree in Exercise Science, with a focus in coaching & athletic administration, in 2009 from Concordia University in beautiful Irvine, California. “Assessment is critical when working with an individual. That is step No. 1 in Newport Fit4Life's four-step system of leading someone to a complete physical restart in their health and wellness, life or athletic endeavors. As a professional basketball player, my body was my job…my life. If I wasn’t in shape, I didn’t get paid. I know what it takes to help people develop a strong, athletic, lean body, and I have the confidence to do that with anyone.” You can follow him on Facebook or visit his gym’s website at