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15-Minute Workout: Press and Swing for Size and Strength

The overhead press is one of your best tools for getting total-body strong. Add a kettlebell and you've got a killer workout.

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In a rack, set up a weight you can normally overhead press with a barbell for 10-12 reps. Put a heavy kettlebell close by that you can perform a swing properly for 10-12 reps. After one warm-up set for 8-10 reps of each exercise and a 60-90 second rest, perform as many rounds of 6 of each exercise as you can in a 12-minute period.

Workout Tips

On your overhead press push the bar up and back locking your arms out at the top. Your biceps should be just behind your ears. Many lifters negate gains because they do not press all the way up and back.

The kettlebell swing is a “bend” pattern not a squat. Your form at the bottom should resemble more of an RDL or bent-over row than a half squat. Many gyms do not have heavy kettlebells. If this is the case, go as heavy as possible and increase your reps.

Those of you who read my articles know I am big on tempo. With these lifts you can do in a circuit with an X0X0 tempo – meaning get it up and down fast in a controllled manner. Never decelerate the kettlebell in the swing.

Don’t let your back round on the swing. It’s the most common mistake I see during this move. Always keep a neutral neck. So at the bottom of the movement you can be looking at the ground yet still have the feeling of sticking your butt out and keeping your chest up. Safety and proper form is key. This is a very dynamic exercise yet the benefits are huge.

Man Holding Kettlebell

The 15 Pay Off

This is another gut-buster. It is perfect for the end of a workout as a “finishing move” or by itself if you want to get a lot of big muscles fired up and keep that metabolism going for another day or two. These big-bang exercises are sure to get your heart rate up to your max levels while still working on some good ol’ strength gains. And kettlebells have been proven to have you burning a ton of calories in a short amount of time.


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