Cable Side Bend

The cable side bend is a core strengthening exercise that specifically targets the obliques. The exercise also improves stability in the lower back and hips.


  1. 774_A
    Stand tall with your body perpendicular to an adjustable pulley system set at floor height. Grab a D-handle with hand that's closest to the pulley system and hold it at your side at arm's length. Place your other hand on your hip.
  2. Cable Side Bend
    Without bending your knees or moving your lower body, bend sideways and away from the cable machine. The D-handle should remain at your side and provide resistance. Pause, and then return to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Do not move your arm as you bend your body. Grab the handle tightly and lock your shoulder into place.
  • Do not use momentum to bend. Use your abs and obliques.
  • Slowly return your body back to the starting position, using your abs to resist the movement.