One-Arm Full Situp

The one-arm full sit-up increases strength and stability throughout the core with an emphasis on the lower abs and obliques. Performing the exercise with one arm ensures muscular balance on both sides of the body.


  1. 6000_A
    Lie flat on your back with one knee bent, and the same side's arm extended straight above your shoulder, holding a dumbbell. Your opposite leg should be straight out in front of you and your opposite hand by your side.
  2. One-Arm Full Situp
    From this position, sit all the way up as you raise the dumbbell toward the ceiling and bring your opposite arm straight out in front of your body, parallel to the floor. Pause, then roll down to the floor, keeping the dumbbell lifted.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Keep your neck in line with your spine at all times.
  • Use a full range of motion and allow your body to lower all the way to the starting position.
  • Do not use momentum to help with the movement.