Lateral Leap and Hop

The lateral leap and hop is an explosive lower body drill that develops agility and quickness. This drill also improves coordination and cardiovascular endurance.


  1. 517_A
    Stand on one leg with a slight bend in your knee and the other leg raised off the ground.
  2. Lateral Leap and Hop
    Jump laterally, landing on your opposite foot.
  3. 517_C
    Pause, and then hop once straight up in the air before bounding back to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Avoid landing on locked joints. Reduce injury by bending your joints to absorb the landing.
  • Do not allow the knee of the planted leg to travel out beyond your toes of that foot.
  • The exercise is meant to be performed with proper form. Stop if you feel your form starting to deteriorate.