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One month after the dust settles from the frantic holidays and you realize it’s already February 1st. The panic sets in. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you’re scrambling for gift ideas. Rather than channel your Neanderthal ancestry by sitting there and scratching your head, use the time crunch to your advantage and get creative with your gift-giving this year. Between working your job, working out and working on your relationship there’s little time to dedicate to finding a gift that speaks to her. Don’t worry, here’s a list of gift ideas that are sure to make her day an unforgettable one. And no, you won’t find chocolates, flowers or expensive dinners on this list. She’s better than those clichés and so are you.


She’s hitting the gym every day of the week and she pushes you to hit your goals. Flip your regular routine on its head and give her tired muscles the day off. Admit it, you’re curious to know what goes on at the spa anyway, so join her and make it a romantic outing. You’ll be surprised to find that a spa day isn’t just chamomile tea, scented oils and healing stones – take advantage of the sports massage and experience the joy of a hundred and eighty pound Swedish woman named Helga beating your muscles into submission. Chances are you’re missing out on some much needed muscle recovery work.


If she loves fitness, she loves Quest Bars – so why not give her what she really wants? Their Cookie Dough Bars are the most popular protein bars in America so it only makes sense that you give your best the best. Mix it up and make it more fun by hiding them around the house so she finds them in unexpected places. Makeup box? Open it up and toss in a Quest Bar. What would spruce up your medicine cabinet? You guessed it, a Quest Bar. What’s missing from the center console in her car? Probably a Quest Bar. Just do it, she’ll love it.

MF Valentine cake pop


She’ll know it’s from the heart if it’s made with your hands. After all, women love a handy man. So why not take a dip in the creative arts and scope this handy DIY Red Velvet Cake Pop recipe. It’s a simple gift idea and there are step-by-step instructions to make it basically foolproof. At the very least, she’ll appreciate the effort and time you put into making something personal.


This is literally the gift that keeps on giving. With a variety of services available to fit her diet, cravings and fashion needs, a monthly subscription service makes you look like a forward-thinking genius in her eyes. If she’s sticking to a strict food plan, there’s a service for it – paleo, P90X, Crossfit and even snacks are all available. Some services even let you cook your own meals so you can work on your culinary skills. Beauty boxes are another option because, sure, she’s a tough cookie, but every woman wants to feel beautiful and it’s your job to make sure she knows she’s one-of-a-kind.


Get her something she can really use that also shows you know her well. There are a ton of cool services where you can choose the style, color and layout of a pair of workout shoes, so if you feel like you’ve got her taste down to a T, try your hand at it. There’s nothing wrong with taking the cautious approach, either. In fact, if you give the design service as a gift, you can both sit down and work on it together. After all, you get the benefit of having her think of you every time she puts on her flashy new sneaks. And spending more time together is never a bad thing – especially on the day where love reigns supreme.

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