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Let’s be real, everyone says their favorite holiday is Halloween, but for a woman in a committed relationship, it’s definitely Valentine’s Day. It’s the one time of the year where you and your beau get to focus on each other as much as your trouble zones. This year, why not throw expectations out the door and provide your man with some feminine pampering? After all, he’s hitting the gym 5 days a week and you both work your butts off (literally!), so just like you, he deserves a day of relaxing. So just what do you get the man who has everything (everything being you, of course ;)? Here are some helpful gift ideas for the fit man in your life on this year’s day of love.


There are two ways to go about this one, either from the heart or from the wallet. A foot massage is an under-appreciated gift that no one expects to get. No one knows they want one, but after they have one they’ll never know how they went without it. And let’s face it, a man is never going to admit he wants to visit a spa, but he does. So if you give him the star treatment after leg day he’ll appreciate the hell out of it and give you kudos for such an unexpectedly awesome gift. Plus, if he enjoys it as much as he should, you can set up a reciprocal massage-for-massage system. Just imagine a world where you’re getting a foot massage on the regular – all because of your forward thinking.


Quest Float

Something else you should know about your beau is that whether he wants to admit it or not, he’s got a sweet tooth. Why not use this to your advantage and showcase your thoughtfulness by giving him what he wants? Quest’s new Cookies & Cream is ridiculously yummy – so much so that you’ll have a hard time believing there’s no sugar. It’s got protein cookie crumbles inside and if you blend it with ice it’s basically a full-on cookies & cream shake. The best part about giving the gift of drinkable cookies is that you get to indulge your sweet cravings, too.


You can have fun with this one – chances are if it’s been a couple months since he last cleaned out his gym bag, there are probably some funky smells coming from there that need to go, stat. A fun way to ditch the old bag without hurting his feelings is to get him a new one and stuff it to the seams with fun stocking stuffer toys. Does his shaker bottle smell funky? Toss a new one in there. Does he obsess over macros and get cranky if he’s not getting enough protein? Stock up on his favorite protein bars and watch the smile on his face when he sees how well you know his tastes. Another fun idea is to make Youpons – coupons he can redeem for your “services.” He’ll appreciate the gesture and it’s the perfect chance to spruce things up on Valentine’s Night.


Everywhere you turn around the V-Day season is covered in a sea of red balloons, teddy bears and boxes of chocolates, goodies and sweets. But you’re disciplined and you’ve built up a defense against chocolate, so why would you want to stock your house with the temptation?! Who’s to say it has to be a box of chocolates loaded with sugar? There are a bunch of protein bars out there that are rich in stuff that fit his food preferences, so get creative – the chocolate lover’s variety box of Quest Bars is a great place to start. Cut them up in shapes of love, wrap them in some wax paper and use that old heart-shaped-box you’ve been holding on to for over a year “just in case.” You’ll make his day and you’re one step closer to avoiding hoarder status, it’s a win-win!


You deserve a night off and so does he. Between reservations, the traffic, parking, the cost of a night out, the hours needed to get ready to look incredible…V-Day can quickly turn into D-Day. Wouldn’t it be so much better to have a couple’s cheat night? Stay in, order that pizza you’ve been craving all week and watch romantic movies – Or Die Hard, because who doesn’t love Bruce? And money is always tight after the holidays, so embrace the intimacy of the anti-Valentine’s Day. In order for this to capture the romance of the holiday, you should only do this sporadically – you don’t want to set the expectation that every Valentine’s Day isn’t an excuse to go out. Chances are he’ll love being “off the hook” for activity ideas that night that he’s sure to make it a night to remember after the credits roll.

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