Swole Mates


You have to be creative when you pop the question. So if love is in the air and you have a love for fitness, it should be only natural that you include it in your proposal.

Pulling off that perfect moment takes planning — a lot of it — plus organizing, arranging, and enlisting help. You can’t just say, “let’s do lunges” followed by, “will you marry me?” How lame is that?

So before you ask for someone’s hand in marriage, check out these creative and fit wedding proposals that will make you want to step up your game — in love and in fitness.  One caveat: Make certain before you go to all the trouble that the answer will be yes.

Presented by QALO, makers of the functional wedding ring for an active lifestyle.

No. 1: Perfect Form for a Proposal

YouTuber Furious Pete plans a surprise proposal by having his girlfriend demonstrate some exercises for a video on his channel. He starts off by talking about the first time he did a deadlift and recalls his terrible form. She’s all set to perform a proper rep for his subscribers, only to be totally caught off guard when he drops down to one knee. He pulls out the ring, and tells her how much she means to him and asks her to marry him. Her tearful acceptance has been viewed more than a million times.

No. 2: Flopping the Question

During a women’s soccer practice, a player’s boyfriend shows up and starts showing off some of his skills. Cute as it seems, he then fakes an injury so severe that all the action on the field stops. He’s on the grass holding his knee in complete agnony. Everyone’s running out to the field to help the poor guy, and his girlfriend is there by his side — trying to make sense of what just happened.  When he seems to have recovered enough to get up, he rolls onto one knee and pulls out the ring, shocking his happy soccer sweetie.

No. 3: Running on Cloud 9

The Telegraph

A London marathon runner took a break from the race to propose; and after his girlfriend said yes, he was more than likely running on air. He spotted her on his 26.2 mile trek, stopping to stretch his legs. To her, it looked like he was just taking a break, but then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a jewelry box.  The crowd around them cheered as she accepted. They took a moment to embrace, and he returned to the race.

No. 4: The Propose Pose

A couple who lifts together, gets hitched together. In this fit proposal, a bodybuilder takes a moment from the competition to grab a microphone and tell his girlfriend how much he loves her. She seems shocked and overwhelmed, and at first she backs away. But when he gets down on one knee, everything is all right, and she says yes.

No. 5: Hearts Soar in the Mountains

A couple getting engaged on a Washington mountain range unknowingly had the moment captured in a photograph by strangers. The strangers caught the proposal from a higher elevation point. In an effort to get the photo to the newly engaged couple, the man who snapped the pic posted it to Facebook, with the question, “Does anyone know this couple?” Luckily someone did, and they were able to arrange for the climbing companions to get the shot.

No. 6: Climbing the Mountain of Love

After a hike, a couple reaches the perfect spot for a picture. The seemingly clueless guy fumbles with the camera for several takes, saying he can’t figure out what’s wrong with the self-timer. After a bunch of tries, his girlfriend has a look on her face that says, “What’s going on?” That’s when the guy drops to one knee and gives a proposal speech. She was completely caught off guard, shaking as she tried to maintain her composure.  When he popped the question, and she ecstatically answered, “Yes!”

Presented by QALO.

No. 7: Burpee to Bended Knee

If you’re planning to propose to a Chicago Bulls dancer, then you have a tough act to follow.  In one of the cutest proposals around, Luvabull Ariana Rosado is left confused during a performance when the dancers — all except Ariana — stop the routine and begin a new routine to Bruno Mars’ “Marry Me.” Her boyfriend, Shane Zachary, dressed as a mascot, jumps out of the costume and proposes. She’s all smiles and tears when she sees him — accepting the proposal.

No. 9: Mystery Box Leads to Marriage  

During typical NBA halftime activities at a Toronto Raptors game, a woman wins a contest and gets to choose her prize: a signed basketball or a mystery box. She picks the box, which turns out to contain a diamond ring. She’s unsure of what to make of it until her boyfriend appears out of nowhere with a microphone, declaring his love and asking her to marry him. Good thing she didn’t take the ball.

No. 10: A Cross Cut Routine

Imagine your CrossFit box suddenly turns into a concert venue and all of the members turn into performers, doing a routine to Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours.” That was the scenario for this fit proposal.  A woman was going to get in a workout when the group launched into exercise-based choreography. It became clear something special was about to happen when a group of people ran in wearing street clothes. At the end of the performance, her boyfriend lunges down to greet her and pops the question.

Presented by QALO.

No. 11: Snowboarder Warms Hearts

Going on a casual snowboarding adventure with some friends? Be ready, a marriage proposal might be in the works. After a group of pals take a break to pose for a picture, one woman in the group is surprised when everyone steps aside to leave her standing by herself. She turns around to find her boyfriend on one knee with a ring. The initial shock caused her to break into tears and playfully hit him – which followed with more tears and a locked hug. He was able to break hug for a moment to get out the proposal. She didn’t even notice his friends wearing shirts reading the question, “Will you marry me?”

No. 12: Proposing in a Flash


A women’s college hockey team gathers for a group photo, but one of the players got a huge shock. Right before the picture was snapped, her partner dropped to one knee and held out a ring. Hockey players are known for their toughness, but this one turned to a mushy, happy mess of tears and smiles. The team celebrated as the two young women embraced.

Presented By QALO


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