At Muscle & Fitness we take our responsibility of bringing you the most cutting edge information on training, nutrition and supplements, very seriously. That’s why we staff some of the sharpest minds in the fitness industry. Take our Senior Science Editor, Dr. Jim Stoppani. Not only did we steal Jim from Yale University School of Medicine where he was performing his award-winning research on the impact that exercise and nutrition have on genes in the body, but he’s a best-selling fitness author, and a world-renowned expert on weight training, fitness, nutrition and supplementation.

If you’ve watched Jim’s video series, M&F Raw!, then you know he has a lot of effective information to help you reach your goals. And while reading Jim’s articles and watching his videos are great ways to learn how to take your physique and performance to the next level, there’s no better way than to learn from him in person. And now’s your chance to learn from Jim in one of the best locations in the world – Athens, Greece. Jim is headlining the 2011 European Fitness Convention in Athens from May 20-22.

At the European Fitness Convention, Jim will be giving three sessions:

1) Training With Chains and Rubber Resistance – Chains and rubber resistance (such as exercise bands) provide a unique type of resistance called linear variable resistance (LVR), which free weights and weight machines cannot provide. In this session, Jim will cover the science behind why LVR works and how to incorporate it into your training programs.

2) Special Techniques for Increasing Muscle Strength and Muscle Size – There are numerous training techniques that have been shown in research studies and in the gym to boost muscle strength and/or muscle hypertrophy. Because Jim Stoppani’s workout articles reach hundreds of thousands of people every month, he has compiled tons of feedback from trainees on which techniques work best. In this session, Jim breaks down the science of why these techniques work and shows you how to apply them to your workouts. Techniques covered will include Complex Training (post-activation potentiation), Eccentric (Negative Rep) Training, Density Training, Pre-Exhaust Training, Forced Reps, and Supersets to name just a few.

3) High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Class – this informative and very challenging class will teach you the science behind why HIIT works as you apply it in the class. Wear your workout gear, as Jim will be taking you through various HIIT-style workouts, so you can feel why it works as he teaches you how it works.

So don’t miss your opportunity to learn first hand from Jim in the country where the Olympics started. For more information and to register for the 2011 European Fitness Convention, go to