With the term “junk” still holding on as a modern day colloquial term, I can’t say I was surprised to learn that nearly 50% of people have used their cell phone to send or receive sexts and risqué photos. “Junk” implies that there’s something less-than-alluring about what’s in a dude’s pants, so it makes sense that self-conscious guys would seek instant reassurance via text message. But as a straight woman, I can assure you that there’s nothing unalluring about your penis—even if it is smaller than average. I can also attest to the fact that few chicks actually care about the size of your genitals, especially if you’re a nice guy and you know how to use what you’ve got. In fact, in one poll of nearly 1,000 women, 89% said they weren’t worried about their boyfriend’s penis size. Even those who stated that they were less than satisfied in the bedroom noted that they wouldn’t change anything about their S.O.’s manhood—which is saying a lot.

But if stats and studies aren’t enough for you, hopefully this will be. We enlisted the help of author and sex educator Barbara Carrellas to provide just a few of the many reasons you should be totally comfortable with whatever you’re packing.

1) You can still reach all her pleasure points

Why people think they need a “big one” to be good in bed, the world may never know. The clitoris, a woman’s prime pleasure point, is located outside of the vagina and a woman’s G-spot lives just a few inches inside. Translation: Even if you’re small you can take her to pleasure town. “Approximately 75% of women do not orgasm from vaginal penetration alone—no matter how large the penis,” Carrellas tells us. “This is one of the many reasons that I encourage people to broaden their definition of sex beyond traditional intercourse. Explore your digital and oral skills, try sex toys, incorporate erotic massage and sexy talk, and above all, be generous in bed,” she adds.

2) She’s not that deep

The average woman’s vagina is just 3-5″ while the average penis length is 5.1″. That said, being on the smaller side won’t prevent you from giving your lady that “full” feeling she may crave. On the flip side, if your woman has a sensitive cervix, she’ll likely welcome a smaller guy with open arms, says Carrellas.

3) There are far worse attributes

Ask any woman who’s dated a terrible kisser or a dude who’s not concerned with her pleasure and she’ll likely tell you that sexual generosity and skill trumps penis size any day of the week. “Women appreciate generous, erotically knowledgeable men,” reiterates Carrellas. “The most important sexual organ you have is your brain. Use it to ask her what she likes before you make love and while you are making love. Don’t assume that your current partner likes sex the way your previous partner did. She may not even enjoy the same thing tonight that she enjoyed last night.” If you keep the lines of communication open and please her she won’t care what size your penis is.

4) Bigger doesn’t mean better

Get this: There have been no studies that prove women get more satisfaction in men from a well-endowed dude. And that’s because not all guys with big johnsons know how to use it with any type of skill. Just focus on the main event, guys; you can’t change your size but you can improve your skill set. If you’re less-than-confident in your ability to bring her over the edge, experiment with different positions and consider introducing some sex toys into the equation, suggests Carrellas. “Ask her if she’d like to use them. Some women feel uneasy asking their partners to use a vibrator or dildo even though they may use them when they’re masturbating.”

5) Some women prefer smaller

You may think that all girls swoon over large penises, and some do. But then there are women who find larger penises to be a turn-off, mostly because they find them to be uncomfortable during sex. “Longer penis can put too much pressure on a sensitive cervix and those that are on the thicker side can also cause pain,” notes Carrellas. What’s more, “It’s easier to give a great blow job to a smaller penis. If your partner enjoys oral sex you can take full advantage of this smaller penis,” adds Carrellas.

6) There’s more to a relationship than just sex

If you’re looking for a booty call this may not pertain to you, but if you want a relationship, consider this: There’s far more to a relationship than sex. (Cliché, I know!) Carrellas said it best when she advised that “you should put your attention on growing your relationship skills, not your penis.”

7) They used to be all the rage

Big ones may be currently en vogue, but that wasn’t always the case. “Renaissance artists revived the Greek aesthetic in art, hence the diminutive genitals on Michelangelo’s David and other Renaissance sculptures,” explains Carrellas.