It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger here at Muscle & Fitness. He’s been a huge inspiration for everyone on our staff, most notably, our Editor-in-Chief Shawn Perine. That’s why we’re happy to present The Ultimate Arnold Training Guide in our February 2013 issue, so you can learn everything about how to get a seven-time Mr. Olympia-winning physique from arguably one of the fittest human beings in history. 

And it comes just in time to celebrate the actor, bodybuilding legend and former California governor’s return to a starring role on the big screen in The Last Stand. As an added bonus, challenge yourself to find seven of Arnold’s most famous movie quotes hidden throughout the issue, and enter to win a meet-and-greet with the Austrian Oak himself!

Plus we’ve got tips to clean bulking, 954 ways to gain muscle, the truth about HGH, the diet that will finally make your abs pop, and more of the training, nutrition, supplementation and health tips that keep you coming back for more every month!

So grab your copy today, M&Fers! It might be your golden ticket to winning a chance to meet your (and our) idol!

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