Height – 5’7”
Weight – 125 lbs.
Hometown – Scottsdale, AZ
Occupation – Fitness competitor, model, trainer

It’s hard to imagine that just a short time ago, Kim Leto didn’t possess the body of an archetypally perfect woman that she does now. Before she became a fitness competitor and trained five days a week, she was living a typical American life—she put her career before her health, never made time to train, and ate whatever was around.

You say you used to be really out of shape. How bad did it get?
Kim Leto: When I got out of college, I was a pharmaceuticals rep. I would drive around all day, get back to the hotel room, and order a big dinner. I was very out of shape.

What was your wake-up call?
When my 48-year-old father had a massive stroke. He had high cholesterol and blood pressure. I thought, “This will never be me.”

What’s a typical training week for you?
I work out five days a week. I do plyos in my backyard, and I love to run and hike. My glutes are probably my best feature. Besides squatting, sprints have really helped me develop my curves.