The toughest workout in IFBB bikini pro Jenna Reneé Webb’s routine takes place on her horse ranch, not at the gym.

M&F: What prompted you to start training in the gym?

JR: It was actually kind of an accident. I was 20 and had body-image problems. I was “skinny-fat”…skinny and not at all overweight, but I had cellulite everywhere. I got really insecure and decided I was going to educate myself on the right way to do things. So I started weight training, and after seeing results within two to three weeks I became addicted [to working out].

How has your training evolved?

I used to overtrain big time. I’d hit the gym twice a day and work out the same muscle group both times. Now I circuit-train three times per week. My job takes care of most of my cardio.

And that job is…?

I own a horse ranch in Ormond Beach, FL, so it’s a lot of manual labor. Riding a horse is a killer workout— your butt, your legs, your abdomen, your core. I can get on a horse after only a two-week absence and be sore after 10 minutes.

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Ah, that explains why your Instagram feed is filled with so many photos of horses.

I’ve been riding since I was 4 years old. I also do barrel racing, where I ride a horse around [a cloverleaf pattern] for speed and time. It’s fun— and dangerous.

Would you consider yourself an animal lover?

I am. [I have] nine horses, two dogs, three cats, a donkey, and my brother—just kidding. [laughs]

But you also eat meat regularly?

Oh yeah, I do. And I hunt— turkeys, elk, pigs…anything I would eat. Honestly, I haven’t shot my first animal yet. I’ve helped quarter them, and I always have tears in my eyes, but nothing ever goes to waste. The fresh, clean meat is worth it; no chemicals, just right out of the wild to your plate.

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