For the fighting men and women of the U.S. military, life and death hang in the balance every day, a fact reflected in the seriousness with which they train. The August edition of Muscle&Fitness – the Military Issue – highlights this style of training and helps you capture some of that intensity. Grab it on newsstands now to check out these features:

COVER STORY: Tim Kennedy — The Strikeforce fighter and Green Beret sniper is a real-life hero who kicks ass in the cage and who has built the kind of body that every guy wants.

The Front Line Workout — Hit the gym with the same strength and conditioning methods used by soldiers serving overseas.

Dan Eslinger — After an Iraqi roadside bomb left him broken and scarred in a hospital bed, Eslinger turned to the gym to rebuild his body and spirit.

Steel-Belted Strength — You can work every muscle in your body with little more than a used tire and some straps. We’ll show you how.

Build Your Own Workout — This workout template calls to mind the “Choose Your Own Adventure” of your youth. To build mass and strength, there are many paths, and you get to choose how to get there.

Ashley Horner – This lady is not a drill sergeant, she only sounds like one when she's barking at Marines in the gym. Meet the one woman tough enough to train members of the Corps!

You'll find all this and more in the August issue of Muscle and Fitness, on newsstands now.