You’ll know the Titan of the Fitness world when you see him.

Six-foot-3 frame, chiseled jaw, ridiculous muscle mass and, more often than not, his trademark husky Stryker. He takes his dog everywhere: gyms, photo shoots, airplanes, football games and even fitness expos. It’s no wonder the poor pup looks a bit tired out. O’Hearn took his K-9 “spotter” to the gym earlier this week to help him knock out some 405-pound barbell rows. There’s no sugarcoating it, huskies are terrible spotters.

Come on Stryker, no napping in the squat rack!

In her defense, O’Hearn should have seen the snub coming. Stryker is a star, a diva, a husky with an attitude. As we browsed through  her Instagram account (yes, O’Hearn’s dog has an Instagram account), we noticed she doesn’t seem very impressed with Titan’s gains. Maybe he needs to raise the bar?