May 2013
Can you handle the pain required to see real gains? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark Wahlberg definitely can. We caught up the these two stars and fitness fanatics to find out about what it took for them to prepare for their new movie Pain & Gain. Wahlberg, who had to gain a whopping 40 pounds to play bodybuilder-turned-hapless criminal Daniel Lugo, went so far as to create his own line of supplements, MARKED, to help him manage this incredible feat. Find out what else it took to get his physique to The Rock’s level.

The Rock, who was already in some serious WWE shape to play ex-con Paul Doyle, gives us two of his favorite workouts and the meal plan that keeps his physique in serious shape. Plus he reflects on how Muscle & Fitness inspired him to make training a part of his lifestyle. 

Plus, we kick off our 2013 Rock Hard Challenge. Get the workout, the meal plan, the supplementation info—everything you need to enter to win a huge prize package from MuscleTech, not to mention the ultimate prize—the physique you’ve always wanted.

Are you man enough to take on the challenge? Prove it! Grab your copy today, M&Fers! And get ready for some serious pain and gain!

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