Our popular training series–the Rock Hard Challenge–is back!  Pick up the May issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine to find a comprehensive training, nutrition, and supplement program designed specifically for you. It’s an eight-week plan divided into two 4-week segments (pick up our June issue for part two). Loaded with a wide range of intense techniques, our plans are assured to deliver you maximum results in minimum time. That’s the Rock Hard part. As for the challenge, once you’ve completed the program you’ll show us your progress by way of photographic evidence. We’ll then pick a winner, who will receive over $1,000 in MuscleTech prizes as well as an opportunity to appear in M&F mag or muscleandfitness.com.

Think you’re up to the Rock Hard Challenge? We do. Sign up on April 15 on muscleandfitness.com and get ready to transform your body and build a fitter, healthier ROCK HARD body by summer.