The 10 Greatest Muscle-Crazy Cartoon Shows

We looked back on (and ranked) the buffest cartoon characters of all time.


1: The Incredible Hulk (1986)


OK, Bruce Banner did admit he isn't 100 percent natural, but we're not casting stones! The Hulk rocked our May 2012 cover because he's the most muscle-crazy character of all time ... period. Beside being a classic cartoon (with two adaptations), the franchise was a successful comic book series, live-action show (starring legendary bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno) and slightly less successful movie. Everyone has their favorite, but there's no way we could give the top jacked cartoon slot to another show.

Unranked Honorable Mentions

Popeye (1960-1962)Let’s be honest, Popeye had a lot going on. His face suggested some sort of palsy. His girlfriend was almost certainly battling an eating disorder. And Bluto was just a royal douche pretty much all the time. BUT, Popeye clearly found time to work out. Obviously, he focused on forearm strength but, as evidenced by his spinach-induced heats, he was a full-body beast as well, meaning he likely supplemented that spinach with a few of Wimpy’s burgers. No bun.  

George of the Jungle (1967)Even though steak and eggs don’t really exist in the jungle, GotJ was the early-childhood definition of a steak and eggs build. His classic “V” shape must have been cultivated doing overhand grip pullups on tree branches, and swinging vines instead of kettlebells.  

Powdered Toast Man: The Ren & Stimpy ShowMost kids watched Ren & Stimpy because they weren’t supposed to. But future bodybuilders watched it because of Powdered Toast Man. A totally oblivious superhero, PTM’s physique couldn’t be ignored. From chest to abs to quads to calves, he was set. And his glutes were so impressive that he actually flew ass first (by launching himself out of a toaster). 

McBain: The Simpsons (1989-present)Most Simpsons fans will rattle off “Comic Book Guy” or “Ralph Wiggum” as favorite characters. Not bodybuilders. For them, only McBain – aka Ranier Wolfcastle – stands tall. A spoof on larger-than-life action heroes like Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, McBain only reinforces how awesome they were. 

Captain Planet (1990-1996)While not “huge”, in the traditional sense, CP still packed on a solid stack of lean muscle to compliment his lean, green mullet. Experts and competitors alike can agree that his impressive physique is a result of two things: eating clean, as a champion of the environment should, and benching Planeteers in his spare time.

Larry the Lobster: Spongebob Squarepants (1999-Present): If Larry were more of a central character (and not all pecs), the big-hearted crustacean would have been a shoo-in for our three spots. That said, here's a shoutout to honor those "big meaty claws."