Disney World's Gaston Crushes Pushup Challenge from Overconfident Punk

Nooo one lifts like Gaston, no one squats like Gaston, no one does supersets without rest like Gaston!

gaston disney world pushup challenge

Anyone who grew up with a VHS of Beauty and the Beast knows that Gaston is one of the most rage-inducing meatheads in the Disney villain lineup. But what happens when an even more cocky Disney World guest challenges him to a fitness showdown?

It turns out that Gaston's money is where his mouth is, as he easily crushes the guy and even starts doing one-handed pushups with a smile on his face as the other guy struggles.

Belle might want to reconsider her decision after watching this video -- but given Beast's upper body and leg strength, we'd say he could probably outlift Gaston with no problem.