The World's Best Hardcore Gyms

Iron Sport Gym Leads the Backlash Against Corporate Chains

The World's Best Hardcore Gyms

If your first introduction to iron Sport gym came through its popular Youtube rebuttal to the planet Fitness ads, you might think the owners were simply trying to position their gym as an alternative to faceless corporate chains. in truth, iron Sport is—and always has been—the opposite of the modern “health club,” a throwback to what real gyms are supposed to be: a simple cement building filled with the basics: barbells, dumbbells, and a ton of plates.

Located near the Philadelphia airport, the 7,500-square-foot Iron Sport Gym is the default destination for movie stars, athletes,and wrestlers traveling through the area who want to train hard. Virtually every WWE superstar, including John Cena, the Undertaker, and Stone Cold Steve Austin, have been here, not to mention Jose Canseco and legendary strongman Magnus Ver Magnusson.

While that lineup clues you in to Iron Sport’s decidedly hardcore leanings, the gym remains an affordable neighborhood spot (just $45 a month and $35 for students) that welcomes all types. “Everyone thinks you have to be some kind of gigantic mastadon to work out here, but that’s not the case,” says Iron Sport owner Steve Pulcinella, a former World’s Strongest Man competitor. “We have plenty of women and high school kids here. It just happens to be a real gym.”

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