Those of us who are anchored to our desks for umpteen hours each day know that a sedentary lifestyle plays havoc with our health and fitness goals. Sure, you should schedule regular breaks and take time out to go for a walk or visit the gym, but there’s always the possibility of an unwelcome email hitting our inbox and derailing our exercise plans indefinitely. That’s why a booming industry has emerged to keep us active when we are stuck working from home or in the office. Options include raised desks so that we can stand at our workstations. There are also clever hacks such as sitting on an exercise ball to keep us mobile, but a bike that doubles up as an office chair may well be the smartest solution yet.

With around 90 percent of organizations now allowing their employees to have hybrid working arrangements, many people are getting to grips with a new lifestyle where there is less of a need to leave the house. As such, a significant number of us are reacting to this, and the current a cost of living crisis, by cutting ‘luxury’ expenses such as gym memberships. It’s a dire state-of-affairs that threatens to rob us all of energising workouts that are beneficial for both our physical and mental health. So, with all this in mind, the Sit2Go range of 2-in-1 fitness chairs from FlexiSpot is a great solution. We took a look at the F1C Eco model.

Many office workers and gamers are fans of raised desks so that they can stand rather than sit but staying vertical can get uncomfortable over long periods of time. The good news is that the Sit2Go is designed to work well with height adjustable desks and makes for a great way to keep the body moving when you are fed-up of being on your feet. In comparison with simply sitting, a desk bike will help you to burn calories when you would otherwise be sedentary. According to Harvard University, the actual number of calories burned while riding a stationary bicycle at a “moderate” pace will vary depending on a number of individual factors but at a moderate pace; going approximately 12 to 13.9 miles per hour for 30-minutes, an individual weighing 125 pounds could burn 210 calories, and someone who ways 155 pounds might torch through 260 calories. Now, that’s a solid way to spend a lunch break!

FlexiSpot Sit2Go Office bike chair pedal

The Sit2Go Eco version ($349) is stable and surprisingly quiet at under 55 dBs, according to the product specifications, meaning that you won’t irritate neighbors or co-workers on the floor below while you squeeze in that cycling session. And, although the seating positions and adjustments are unlikely to match your ergonomic executive chair, most will find that they can pedal away for a good couple of hours in complete comfort. A pneumatic lift system offers users a smooth and easy height adjustment via an easy access handle, making it easy to go from sitting to riding in mere seconds. The breathable mesh on the chair backrest helps with cooling you down and when it comes to the workout itself, there are 8 resistance modes on the Eco model for casual and more intense workouts, meaning that it is completely possible to get your sweat on without missing that important call.

If you feel that those long Zoom audio meetings are sapping your life force, then the Sit2Go is an ideal way to make the most of your time sitting down. A sleek design makes the chair both attractive and easy to move around (the Eco weighs 42.5 pounds), and while it may never replace a full body workout at your local gym, the Sit2Go could become your most productive office companion yet.


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