If you’re wondering how to keep up your fitness during the age of Covid-19, or how to restore your loss of athleticism that you’ve built up before having to shelter in place, you’re not alone.

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones with a fully-stocked home gym, it’s probably been a while since you’ve lifted any heavy iron.

But, there’s a bright side to this forced change in your fitness plan, says celebrity trainer Don Saladino, the guy who’s trained superheroes like Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

There are plenty of opportunities to keep strong and stay creative during these stressful times. “I think you can lose weight easier right now and you’ve got access to a gym because we can get more sleep and we can train multiple times during the day.”

Saladino has been doing Instagram live workouts on his and M&F’s pages, breaking a sweat four of five days a week despite the sweeping changes of the pandemic. He’s noticed he’s feeling good — and even looking a little leaner.

We spoke to Saladino about ways to optimize your at-home and bodyweight workouts (see our most popular ones here) and keep up your athleticism while sheltering in place.


The Bodyweight Routine for Mobility and Athleticis...

Keep the iron on the rack and train using just your bodyweight.

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