Staying on track with running is a constant challenge for those of us who are trying to stay consistent with our weekly routine but never fear because help is at hand from Marvel in the form of a new fitness app, developed in collaboration with Six to Start, the genius’s behind the hit runner’s adventure app “Zombies, Run!” From this summer onwards, you’ll be able to train alongside Thor, Wolverine, and your favorite superheroes with “Marvel Move,” an immersive narrative-led experience that will have you saving a virtual universe while Hulk-smashing your PR’s.

Marvel Move, soon to be available as part of the upcoming ZRX app, aims to promote overall fitness and mental wellness with regularly updated walking, running, and jogging workouts featuring interactive audio that will transport you from your regular surroundings straight into the Marvel Universe. The main characters, including Thor, Hulk, and the X-Men, will help you to participate in storylines while meeting fitness goals and unlocking epic adventures. Users will have control over the timeframe and distance of runs, and will also be able to up the excitement levels by adjusting the intensity of the action during thrilling “chases” that will work just as well on a treadmill as on the track. The app also works while in a wheel chair. For those who training for an upcoming fitness quest, there’s even the option to enrol in 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and full marathon preparation programs with Marvel Move. You may never be able to run as fast as Spiderman, but the experience will be pretty amazing!

Storylines on the app will include “The Hulk: Hulkville,” where you’ll be running from the authorities alongside Bruce and Betty Banner, heading for a remote desert town to find shelter. There’s “Daredevil: Terminal Degree,” where you’ll be expected to workout alongside Daredevil himself while immersed in a mystery centered around a prestigious law school. In “Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch: In Dreams,” athletes will need to escape certain danger while listening to the voice of Sorcerer Supreme.

Go on an epic fitness journey with Marvel Move

Behind the superhero façade is some real science here. Evidence suggests that making fitness novel, and fun, will help you stick with a program and give it more focus. “There’s nothing more motivating than combining exercise and storytelling,” said Adrian Hon, CEO and Co-founder of Six to Start, in a press release announcing the Marvel Move app. “Ten years of making the world’s best-selling smartphone fitness game, “Zombies, Run!”, taught us that epic adventures with characters you love can make you go that extra mile. Our collaboration with Marvel will deliver that same powerful motivation to millions more. Interactive storytelling is the 21st century’s dominant form of entertainment. We’re incredibly excited to help fans of the Marvel Universe achieve their fitness goals with their favourite characters – and turn them into heroes themselves.” Marvel’s Vice President & Creative Executive, Ryan Penagos, started his own fitness journey with “Zombies, Run!” and is excited about the new collaboration. “The Marvel Universe is in excellent hands when it comes to bringing our fans an epic adventure in fitness!” he said.

Marvel Move will be commercially available for iPhone and Android devices, while regularly added storylines will span weeks of plot development to keep things fresh. Users will be able to join the Marvel Move Founders Club which includes one free month of “Zombies, Run!” alongside private Q&A livestreams and more. For a limited time only, a two-year membership will be available for $99, (a 30% discount on the standard price of $74.99 per year). The Founders Club is open to new members prior to the launch of Marvel Move and features five membership tiers, filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. The app will be available from this summer. Who knows? You may just be able to train for your