If you’re like us, you’ll take a good laugh where you can get it. Especially when it comes near the end of a long week. But an entire show that cracks us up and motivates at the same time? We just cancelled all our plans on Thursday night. You should, too. Fitness guru and Body by Jake fitness-equipment creator Jake Steinfeld’s one man show, captured on film during its successful Las Vegas run, is a hilariously told recounting of Steinfeld’s life growing up as a fat Jewish kid with a stutter. Anecdotes from his Long Island childhood, and his dreams of becoming Mr. America, are woven into stories that are wildy funny. Plus, Steinfeld isn’t afraid to get physical on stage as the occasion demands (Trust us; you have to see the show to fully appreciate this comment.) 

Jake recalls the unlikely way he discovered weightlifting, how Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired him, and what happened when he revealed his plans to become a bodybuilder to his disapproving parents. Then, he throws a hilarious curveball when he recalls how he invited his family to a strip club where he was asked to perform. The story takes a starry turn before he reads the classic poem Don’t Quit

To catch it all, be sure to sign up for free on-demand film site SnagFilms.com and tune in this Thursday night at 7:00 PM.