“There’s nothing so big that you can’t overcome it if you put your mind to it and wake up happy. That’s how I live my life – which is to find the good in everything.”

That’s how cover subject Michael Strahan rolls these days. Deputy Editor Matt Tuthill writes on how the Hall of Fame defensive end has gone through a “metamorphosis from shit-talking gridiron monster to media darling.” He also talks to Strahan about his new book Wake Up Happy, and how a young Strahan and his father adapted workout routines from issues of Muscle & Fitness to turn him from a chubby child into a football phenom. Oh, and we have his conditioning workout too!

Plus, in the October issue, we gained unprecedented access to powerlifter Janae Marie Kroczaleski, formerly Matt Kroczaleski, who is the first transgender athlete to be featured in Muscle & Fitness.

Not only that, but we tell you how a fit man throws a Sunday tailgate, clue you in on the top gear this fall and give you a six-week high-frequency training plan that trains each body part four times per week. All this as well as our regular columns and sections. Don’t miss the October issue of Muscle & Fitness on newsstands now

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