David Otunga didn’t want to just do the typical things for Father’s Day 2017.

Instead of having a nice dinner and exchanging some gifts (which he probably will also do anyway) Otunga decided to make a badass action movie starring his son.

The short film, Love, features Otunga and his son in lead roles, in which Otunga has to save his son from a group of evil kidnappers. Otunga gets to show off some amazing martial arts moves, and shows the determination of one father looking to get his son back.

“It’s about establishing that relationship with your son, and hopefully it inspires other fathers out there to invest in their kids and do stuff,” Otunga told Muscle & Fitness in an interview. “They don’t have to go all-out and produce and fund their own movies, but, you know, find your own way to connect with them on something. If that works, if that improves the relationship with a few fathers and their kids, then I’m happy.”