Chances are, you currently have more than one health and fitness apps on your phone. Nowadays, apps are a way of life.  Want to track your daily macros? Download an app. Curious to see how many steps you take in a day, or if you hit REM sleep at night? There’s an app for that.

Apps are a great way to track your daily habits, help you reach your goals, and boost the motivation you need to stay consistent, all while learning about your individual body.

As technology changes, so do apps. They become more efficient and get better and better at fitting our daily needs.

So, if you’re wondering what’s new in the wellness-app world, here are a handful of new, updated, and even futuristic fitness apps for all your health and wellness needs. From virtual training to hacking your metabolism, it’s all here!

Creators of the fitness app Centr Power App for Chris Hemsworth, Luke Zocchi, Bobby Holland Hanton standing and showing off their muscular arms

Luke Zocchi's Inside Tips for Looking Like Ch...

The Aussie star and his personal trainer give you the training plan on the Centr app.

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