We know, we know. On the pages of the January FLEX, we promised, told you we’d soon be posting more pictures from our 10th annual lingerie shoot on flexonline. It took a visit from a special guest to get us motivated, but we’re finally going to deliver on that promise.

That special guest? None other than the reigning queen of FLEX swimsuit and lingerie specials herself, the one and only Timea Majorova. When Timea stopped in the Weider offices last week, it got us thinking about the lingerie shoot again. So we figured, who better to pick out more pictures from the shoot than Timea herself?

Here they are, courtesy of our guest photo editor, eight of the most beautiful competitors from the professional fitness and figure ranks (Mary Lado, Latisha Wilder, Gena Aliotti and Jelena Abbou from figure; Julie Lohre, Adela Garcia, Kendra Elias and Julie Childs from fitness). Just click on the links below to open the galleries. Unfortunately, we don’t have any pictures of Timea from 2006. For those, check out here website at www.timeamajorova.com.