Men’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Bodybuilding and Figure Prejudging Report and Photos from Atlantic City

by Allan Donnelly

September 12, 2008


A year ago, Melvin Anthony came into the Atlantic City Pro treating it as a tuneup, so to speak, for bigger things to come: the Mr. Olympia, two weeks later. In the weeks leading up to this year’s Atlantic City Pro, Anthony told anyone who would listen that he would not make the same mistake again. He didn’t. And a result, Anthony likely finds himself in the driver’s seat heading into tonight’s finals.

But notching career win No. 2 – and his first since the 2004 Night of Champions – won’t come easy. Anthony’s toughest challenge will come in the form of three veterans – Toney Freeman, Johnnie Jackson and Darrem Charles.

Freeman, who stood in the winner’s circle in each of his last two contests – the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships and the Europa Super Show, held one week apart in early August – is not as sharp here as he was in Dallas. That, combined with Anthony being at or near his best, likely will tip the scales in his favor.

As they have for the past two years, Jackson and Charles will battle it out once again. Unlike 2006 and 2007, however, when Jackson placed first to Charles’ second, the pair appears to be jockeying for the third and fourth spots. The edge in this should go to Jackson’s superior thickness. Regardless, a fourth-place finish would mean another Olympia qualification for the 40-year-old Charles, since Anthony, Freeman and Jackson have already qualified.

Tarek Elsetouhi, King Kamali, Joel Stubbs, Craig Richardson and Hidetada Yamagishi are in the mix for the final posedown.


Heading into the 2008 Figure Olympia, second-year pro Jenn Gates‘ name is being mentioned as a favorite to not only place in the top three, but to possibly unseat reigning champ Jenny Lynn. She showed why in Atlantic City and should have no problem notching the third win of her pro career tonight.

Jane Awad and Amy Fry will battle it out for second and third.

Lisa Aukland, who won this contest in both 2006 and 2007, faces a tough challenge in the form of Betty Adkins on her way to the three-peat. Aukland is bigger, but Adkins’ combination of slightly superior condition and an impressive shoulder-to-waist ratio could be enough to tip the scales in her favor.

Finland’s Marja Lehtonen appears to have the inside track to place third and wrap up an Olympia qualification.

Adorthus Cherry
Alfonso Del Rio
Armin Scholz
Cesar Mendible-Baptista
Contantinos Demetriou
Craig Richardson
Eddie Abbew
Elvis Brown
Hidetada Yamagishi
Johnny Jackson
Jo Jo Ntiforo
Jonathan Rowe
King Kamali
Lionel Brown
Luke Wood
Martin Kjellstrom
Melvin Anthony
Omar Deckard
Shehab Eldin
Tarek Elsetouhi
Tommi Thorvildsen
Will Harris
Yan Salaks
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Andy Haman
Anthony Finocchiaro
Bill Scarnaty
Charles Urrego
Darrem Charles
Fedel Clarke
Gilles Bellehumeur
Igor Leontieff
Joel Stubbs
Johnny Stewart
Ken Jones
Lee Apperson
Marc Lavoie
Marcel Chayard
Marcos Chacon
Massimo Valli
Mike Horn
Milton Holloway
Omar Borrelli
Paul LaSalsa
Pavol Jablonicky
Rodney Davis
Roland Huff
Rusty Jeffers
Steven Burke
Toney Freeman
Viggo Snowhill
Vince Taylor
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Angela Debaten
Annie Rivieccio
Aurelia Grozajova
Betty Adkins
Carla Salotti
Charlotte Collins
Emery Miller
Irene Andersen
Isabelle Turell
Jana Linke-Sippl
Kim Buck
Lisa Aukland
Mah Ann Mendoza
Maria Calo
Marja Lehtonon
Mary Ellen Jerumbo
Melanie DeRosa
Mercedes Bazemore
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Allison Jones-Williams
Amy Fry
Aprille DeShield
Becky Clawson
Candice John
Desha Rodriguez
Elisha Archibold
Erica Fuerst
Jacqui Jarrett
Jane Awad
Jennifer Gates
Krissy Chin
Kristin Gomes
Larissa Reis
Rosa Maria Romera
Tana Clough
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Cea Anna Kerr
Christine Wan
Irina Veselova
Jeanette Kolonias
Juliana Malacarne
Kate Shelby
Lydia Haskell
Melissa Frabbiele
Rosalind Vanterpool
Stephanie Tulin-Togrul
Thais Cabrices-Werner
Tivisay Briceno
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Bethany Wagner
Brenda Santiago
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Jennifer Cassetty
Laticia Jackson
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Marnie Holley
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Myriam Capes
Shannon Dey
Stacy Simons
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