Everyone likes a little heat, so check out this interview with the super-sexy IFBB Pro Ana Delia De Iturrondo. Oh yea…we've got pictures too…

FLEX: We’ve seen everything from the sexy side to the hardcore Ana Delia, which is your favorite role to play and why?

ANA D: I must say hardcore with a spark of sexy. Hardcore makes me feel more kick-ass. I always wanted to be an action hero.


FLEX: You’ve been shifting over to commercials and TV appearances recently, where can we expect to see you next?

ANA D: Hopefully, everywhere you look! Nah! Kidding aside, there are a couple of projects I’m working on: clothing, DVDs, etc. I want to keep introducing myself more into the U.S. commercial market, maybe also get more into acting…I’d love to play an action role in a movie!!


FLEX: You won the FLEX Bikini Model Search in 2012 and then obtained your IFBB pro card. What’s your proudest fitness accomplishment so far in all of your years competing?

ANA D: Well, you just mentioned two of my proudest moments. I really worked hard for both.  While traveling for my shows, I’ve met fans whom I’ve inspired to get healthy and even to compete. I’m so proud of being able to inspire other people to get healthy and become a better version of themselves through my fitness journey.


FLEX: What is on your gym playlist?

ANA D: I have a bit of everything, depending on what mood I’m in: Linkin Park, Paramore, Metallica, Prodigy, Limp Bizkit, Green Day, Marcela Gandara, Evanescence, etc. Sometimes all I need are me and my thoughts— my zone.


FLEX: Is there anything that may shock our male readers to know about you?  
· I hate getting dressed. We were all born with the perfect attire—skin!
· I dislike leaving food on my plate when there are people starving around the world.
· I don’t like airplanes, but I went skydiving and I loved it!
· I sleep-talk and sleep-workout…I actually do leg curls and kicks while I’m asleep.
· I like to spice things up. I’ve put cayenne pepper on my oats, popcorn, coffee, and pretty much everything else.
· I used lizards as earrings at school to scare schoolmates—and I collected millipedes at lunchtime and raced them.