IFBB Pro Lionel Beyeke has one of the most threatening physiques on the pro bodybuilding circuit. However, due to circumstances we have yet to understand, Beyeke has not been able to stand on stage as crisp as his peers on stage.

Fast forward past the 2012 Mr Olympia when Beyeke flew in from France hours after his wife delivered, understandably Beyeke was not fully focused on making that top 6 bracket.

Now with everything set aside, it looks like Beyeke has his diet under control, and looking at the video below, his strength and intensity is inline with what we could expect to be Beyeke's best showing to date.

The 2013 Chicago Pro just became more interesting and we, Flex Magazine and FlexOnline.com have front row seats to the ensuing battle!

Lionel Beyeke training Videos Below

IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro 2013

IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro 2013