Bikini Model Search June 2013 Winner Kelsey ByersName: Kelsey Byers

Age:  31

Height: 5' 10''

Weight: 135

Lives: Houston, TX

My Story

I am a 50 pound weight loss success story, magazine cover model, Labrada Nutrition athlete and NPC Bikini Competitor.

It's My Passion

My passion is helping others find their way to positive lifestyle changes.  I recently wrote my first book, "Eat Clean & Follow Your Dreams."

Hard Work

I work hard in the gym and eat clean every day in order to keep a lean and strong body year round. I work full time and will soon complete my Master's Degree in Business Administration and Marketing.


A little more about Kelsey:

1. Favorite thing about working out:
I work out because it makes me feel good inside and out.  I feel my best when I am working towards a goal.  Once you learn to practice self discipline, you feel like you can accomplish anything.

2. What or who got you started working out?
My husband encouraged me to quit being a "cardio queen" and start lifting weights.  So glad I listened!

3. Who are your fitness role models?
 Jamie Eason was my first role model in the fitness industry.  She referred me to my nutritionist and that changed my life.  Lee Labrada, Keith Klein, and Kim Porterfield are wonderful mentors as well.

4. What is your favorite meal to get lean?
I love egg whites with salsa, wrapped in two wheat tortillas.  It's my favorite quick go-to meal.

5. What's your favorite cheat meal?
I love a good guacamole cheeseburger.

6. What are your goals in the fitness industry?
I recently wrote my first book called "Eat Clean and Follow Your Dreams."  I am already motivated to write another book. Just knowing that my story helps people is so fulfilling.  If I can help one person a day to adopt healthy habits, I'm happy.  I look forward to continuing my career in fitness by becoming a personal trainer and reaching out to those who need help making a positive lifestyle change.  I am proud to represent Labrada Nutrition as a spokesmodel for Lean Body for Her and have been blessed with the support of Team Labrada.

7. If you win the FLEX Bikini Model Search, what would that mean and what would you do with the title?
Winning the FLEX Bikini Model Search would be the opportunity of a lifetime.  The most admired athletes in this industry have graced the cover of FLEX.  To be compared to athletes of that caliber would be such a humbling experience and a true honor.  Just to be recognized in the FLEX Bikini Model Search is a dream come true and long time goal of mine.  If I were to win the title,  I would promote FLEX Magazine to the best of my abilities on social networks and at industry events.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kelsey Byers was one of two selected as the June 2013 Flex Bikini Model Search Winner, sponsored by BPI, and will compete at the FLEX Bikini Model Search Championships in Las Vegas during the Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend on September 27 & 28 for the overall title.

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