On September 16, Flex Wheeler underwent a kidney transplant at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California.. At press time, the operation had been deemed a success, and the 37-year-old was resting comfortably in the hospital.

Wheeler, whose massive renal failure forced his retirement from the sport earlier this year, was the recipient of an organ donated by a member of his church, the International Church of Christ in Los Angeles.

“This is more than a second chance,” Wheeler said from his hospital bed, days after the surgery. “It’s deeper than that. Now, I know that God really loves me, and how important He is in my life.”

It’s a measure of the selfless charity of the donor that she did not want her name mentioned. This remarkable person is a 32-year-old woman, who was willing to put her life on the line to help a fellow human being in need.

“Others from my church also offered to be donors, but she was a perfect match,” said Wheeler, who voice choked with emotion as he spoke of the donor. “She’s an incredible person. I’m very grateful. It is a gift from God.”

Wheeler is eager to be released from the hospital and resume his career in bodybuilding but not onstage. He’ll attend the Mr. Olympia on October 25, where he plans to cover the contest for a competing magazine.

Wheeler also planned to be on hand for the grand opening of newly designed Max Muscle store in Venice, California, on October 27. For more information on Flex’s new store, visit the following link for his official press release: www.teamflexwheeler.com.

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