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Zack Ruhl, 26, was born with a rare bone condition which led to both legs being amputated at the age of two. Despite having no legs, the Texas native overcame all odds, and is capable of performing amazing feats of strength that not even able-bodied people can attempt. According to the Daily Mail, he found weightlifting in high school as part of his commitment to football, and hasn’t turned back since.

“It was love at first sight and I never looked back, getting stronger every day since. As my skill set increased, so did my competitive nature,” says Ruhl.

Talk about stronger! This guy is a monster, just take a look at Zack bench pressing 475 pounds in his most recent Instagram post.

Ruhl, now a fitness trainer, owns his own CrossFit gym and offers free classes to other amputees. “The classes are free for adaptive athletes because I know how hard it is not knowing what to do and a lot of people in wheelchairs feel like there is no hope,” says Ruhl.

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What is Ruhl’s message? “Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do something…You always have room to grow, just keep going and don’t let anybody tell you nothing.”

Remember this the next time you decide to skip the gym.