Isolator Fitness Inc. is pleased to announce its partnership with 3x and current Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath. We have joined a partnership with Mr. Heath’s own Gifted Athletics Line of Isobags. The Isobags are made in the USA at Isolator Finess’s headquarters in Reading Pennsylvania. The Isobags are available in 2 sizes. The 3 Meal Isobag can hold anywhere from three to four meals while the 6 Meal Isobag will hold six to eight meals, depending on the size containers being used. The Isobag is far superior from its competition. The Isobag is approximately 40% smaller, 40% lighter, comes with double the containers (6 Containers for the 3 Meal Isobag, one 12oz, three 16oz, one 28oz and one 38oz, 12 Containers for the 6 Meal Isobag, two 12oz, six 16oz, two 28oz and two 38oz). The 3 Meal Isobag comes with two 12oz icepacks, and the 6 Meal comes with three 12oz icepacks (also Made In the USA), which will keep your food cold for approximately 18 hours.

Isolator Fitness gave Mr. Heath an Isobag at the Natural Ohio Show in April of 2013, after using the bag to prepare for the 2013 Mr. Olympia and the 2013 Arnold Classic Spain; Mr. Heath felt the need to associate himself with such a great meal management system. The Gifted Athletics branded Isobags are currently available for preorder in both the 3 Meal and 6 Meal versions and are also available in two colors, all black with a silver logo, and all black with a hot pink logo. You can pre order on or

The Gift's IsoBag