This month's Flex Magazine, January 2013, covers a full gamut of items from Kai Greene's back workout to contest results from the Sheru Classic. In addition, there's the AMI/Weider athlete columns from Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Fouad Abiad, Ben Pakulski and more.

Of interest is a Lionel Beyeke. Beyeke has the size and structure to be in the top 3 of any contest of his choosing. Question is: What is he choosing? Here's a snippet from that conversation:

The Olympia is like the World Cup in soccer—it is the best in the world coming together for the finals to see who will finish on top. It was a huge honor to compete with all of these great champions and a dream come true to be on the Olympia stage.

This was something that I have longed to do since I was a teenager and got a hold of my first bodybuilding magazine (which was, in fact, FLEX with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the cover). I carried that thing around with me every day, and thinking back now, I have to laugh. My big sister used to tell me that I was crazy and that these guys in the magazine weren’t real. I told her that she may be right, but then one of my friends bought a VHS copy of Pumping Iron, and then I knew that they actually were real!

I am very proud of my10th place, and this is only the beginning for me. At 32 years of age, I have plenty of time ahead of me to improve and bring the best package I can for the future. A special thanks to AMI/Weider for the great job they do for this sport, and also thanks to all of the judges for the hard work they do.

Here's a sneak peek of the top articles for this month's Flex Magazine:

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