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IFBB Pro Jeff Long is looking to get recognized on the FIBO Pro stage whether by hook or by crook, but I think he can do it solely by the massive physique he's prepared for this contest.

Long looks better than his Australian Pro presentation and even then I thought he looked fantastic and was robbed of a better placement.

Here's a photo of Jeff Long posted on his Facebook page with the following caption:

Update picture from this morning even harder tiny waist line . 4 days out now and 7th day carb depleting . What you think fans . Ready for FIBO??


Jeff placed 7th at the 2013 Australian Pro behind Dexter Jackson, Toney Freeman, Ed Nunn, Mike Kefalianos and a few others.

Granted Jeff was a little bit off but for a young man traveling and preparing on his own, what few mistakes he may have made have been corrected for this contest.

Here's an interview with IFBB pro Jeff Long at the 2013 Australian Pro


FIBO Power 2013

FIBO Power 2013